The C700 system constitutes an architecture of the primary blocks building any Radio system. Users build their systems on the C700 Base unit which is responsible for synchronization, power management, data communication, and mechanical fixation of other blocks.

With a bus speed of 700Mbps, communication takes place between modules and the base unit.

Modules are divided in two categories:

Basic modules

  • SYNCH module

Provides synchronization & timing information to the whole system.

  • Control modules

Provide embedded controller or external communication to external host

  • PLL modules

Provide highly stable RF Local oscillator to other system modules


Innovation modules

  • VSM modules

Vector (digital) signal generator/transmitter

  • VSD modules

Vector (digital) signal demodulator/receiver

  • UDC modules

Front end with Up/Down conversion


Modules are user accessible to allow easy debugging and to enable user insertion of hardware in the loop. Innovation modules are programmable to redefine its functionality and involve user innovated code as a block in the system. In any configuration; C700 can be used as a standalone system (using integrated controller), driven by an external host, or employed as a subsystem in more complex systems.

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