SpectraTronix C700

SpectraTronix C700


.SpectraTronix provides a complete services platform to complement our C700 Solutions. These services are designed and priced to help our users focus on their design task at hand and let our Engineering Team worry about the rest.
Developing your design on the SpectraTronix C700 gives users the unique advantage to make maximum use of the plethora of services SpectraTronix has to offer. C700 is the only Development platform on the market today that has a Services Platform backing it up to make sure its user base has all the support they need designing, testing, manufacturing and even marketing their designs.

SpectraTronix services portfolio includes:

Prototyping Services:

Once you have modeled and tested your design on the C700, SpectraTronix Prototyping Services creates a fully functional sample of your design as working stand-alone product that you can use for field trials or customer Demonstration (don’t walk into the room looking like this).
Just as with the C700 you don’t need to worry about integrating and manufacturing RF Boards, LO Signals and Embedded controllers for your prototype, SpectraTronix Prototyping Service takes care of all that for you so you can:

• Show your customers, investors or Professors a model of your product
• Test your design in the field
• Save time and money


IP Design Services:

Custom IP Development services in the areas of HDL / FPGA, SoC Embedded software development, Digital Signal processing and algorithm development as well as Test Bench development and verification services for your application as per your research/Application requirements. Our seasoned developers have years of experience in Aerospace & Defense, SDR, MIMO and Telecom Applications.
Unlike with any IP core designer, SpectraTronix IP Solutions are guaranteed to integrate with your design on the C700 (as well as with your prototype later-on) making System Integration, design, optimization and debugging much easier and that your project stays on time.
We also offer a lite version of our IP Design Service dedicated towards Education and Startups to assist with research projects, accelerate proof of concept, develop professional test beds to verify designs or even actively participate in finalizing the end-product for a technology startup.


SpectraTronix Customizations Service:

In order to adapt for different design needs, SpectraTronix provides its users with the ability to optimize / Customize C700 Modules to best fit their applications. Developing for a Certain FPGA target Chip? Need more output power? A Specific Phase noise performance?
No worries! SpectraTronix C700 Team will go through your requirement to make sure you are developing your design on the same environment as your final production unit.


C700 PCB & RF Circuit Design Services:

Wireless designs often need to be integrated into specially designed PCBs. Whether to account for Signal Integrity, to account for RF Isolation between different subsystems or to accommodate other RF layout considerations. In Addition, as your design matures you will usually need to integrate specially designed RF Filters, Baluns or LNAs right into your PCB layout.
However, RF/PCB design is usually out of the comfort zone of most of our customers. That’s why SpectraTronix provides RF & PCB design services Designing and Manufacturing of PCBs and RF for our user base.


C700 Commercialization Services:

SpectraTronix has created a platform for Accelerating Innovation by lending out it’s expertise to developers and small scale companies who don’t have access to our vast array or resources in design, manufacturing, Marketing and distribution channels.
This service is designed specifically for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs who have the technical knowhow yet often find it harder to reach their full financial potential due to Ancillary and business related issues such as Marketing, Branding, Sales and Distribution channel management, Packaging and User Interface Design, manufacturing and quality control…etc.
SpectraTronix End-to-End Commercialization service transforms your brilliant design into a successful product. This ranges from Manufacturing Services (Including Design for Manufacturing recommendations), Volume Manufacturing, Marketing, Technical Support, Quality Control and Product line Inspection… Everything! All the way to Marketing and Business Plan creation, Business model advice and contract negotiations with your prospected business customers.


C700 Consultancy Service:

Nothing from the above seems to fit your need, SpectraTronix Consultance Services put our own Engineering Division at your service to solve your problem.
Whether it’s designing a syllabus for your Cognitive Radio Course, advising on the best Measurement / Verification approach to solve a design problem or even being active members in your research team.

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