The C700 is a Modular Development & Verification platform designed specifically to bring about speed and flexibility to FPGA & System Designers. Allowing you to test your RF design without draining your time & resources integrating and troubleshooting RF boards.

Traditionally you had to trade off modularity for ease of use and performance for cost yet with C700 you can configure complex and mature RF Designs with speed and ease and at a fraction of the cost right from your design environment of choice.

Now you can just Focus on your design code while the C700 Platform takes care of Synchronization, LO Control, data communication and all other ancillary functions.



Available Modules

C700 is 100% modular allowing you to Build and Prototype complete systems in a matter of minutes simply by connecting the modules you need. Modules communicate and exchange information and RF Streams among each other using the C700 Bus which also handles all timing & synchronization functions, meaning that you don’t need to worry about anything except your design.

Modules are 100% Plug & Play, can be fully controlled from your PC (Windows/Linux), System level Software (Matlab, Labview, GNU Radio) or programmed directly (Programming Languages include C, VHDL and many others…)


Available Modules include:

SpectraTronix C700 RF Modules

C700-VSM Vector Signal Modulator Module

Generate Arbitrary Signals up to 6 GHz with up to 40 MHz Bandwidth. Comes with a Built-In FPGA chip for maximum Generation flexibility. Support custom code with Direct JTAG access

C700-VSD Vector Signal Receiver Module

Signal Reception & Vector Demodulation up to 6 GHz with up to 40 MHz Bandwidth. Comes with a Built-In FPGA chip for maximum Generation flexibility. Support custom code with Direct JTAG access

C700-PLL PLL Modules

Provides High stability RF Local Oscillator Signal for your Designs. Up to 18 GHz with low phase noise & fast sweet operation.


SpectraTronix C700 Signal Processing & Control Modules

C700- FPGA FPGA Processing Module:

Perform complex signal processing functions in real-time using our range of FPGA Modules

C700-ARM ARM Processing Module:

Perform System Control & Digital Signal Processing Functions in Real-time using our range of ARM/DSP Processors.

C700-SoC System On Chip Processing Module:

Integrates an ARM-based processor (consisting of processor, peripherals and memory interfaces) tied seamlessly with a configurable FPGA fabric using a high-bandwidth interconnect backbone. Combined On-Board processing with Both ARM & FPGA processing capabilities opens the door to limitless applications and processing functions.


Embedded Computer with Intel x86 / x64 Processor (Core™ i7 / Core™ i5) Built right onto the C700 RF Bus for super-fast data & instruction exchange with the RF modules using PCI-Express. Ideal choice for GNU Radio and Fast Processing Application


SpectraTronix C700 Supporting Modules

C700-SYNCH Synchronization module

Maintains system Synchronization & provides timing Signals for the whole system.

C700-USB USB Communication Module

Control the C700 from an External PC (Windows/Linux)




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