SpectraTronix started as a part of Consultix (Founded in 2005) as an in-house team of RF/microwave designers, FPGA and embedded systems developers who were behind many of Consultix unique and Award Winning products from 2005 onwards.


Building on top of Consultix success story in the Telecom Market, SpectraTronix set to expand its reach with End-to-End platform of products and services for RF & System Level Design, Development, Prototyping as well as Test & Measurement. Giving educators, researchers and developers everywhere access to the same set of tools and services that drove Consultix to global success.


SpectraTronix Systems have been showcased all over the world in Conference & universities catering to Massive-MIMO, FMCW Research, SDR & Cognitive Radio, Medical Research, 4G/5G Wireless as well as Aerospace & Defense Applications.

The SpectraTronix C700 is a Modular RF System Level Development & Prototyping platform designed specifically to bring about speed and flexibility to RF, FPGA & System Designers. Allowing designers to test & Prototype RF designs without the overheard of integrating and troubleshooting different RF boards. The C700 is compatible with all major system level design tool, supports direct programming of its built-in FPGA & SoC processors as well PC control from GNU Radio, Matlab & LabView


SpectraTronix Engineering Services are also aimed at educators, researchers and Startups using the C700 and seeking to further shorten their research & development cycles by providing:

  • Professional Design Services: Spanning Digital Design, Embedded System Design, PCB & RF System Design.
  • Reusable & Custom VHDL IP Design
  • Prototype Manufacturing Services
  • C700 Module Customization Services (up to 30 GHz & Beyond)