In-building Network Design & Project Management


Price: $1,999.00
Course Number: 101
Length: 3 Days
Certification: Consultix Certified IBS Engineer


This training is intended to get engineers and project managers prepared with the vital and practical knowledge for successful IBS/DAS projects. The training is outlined to provide all involved parties with the comprehensive awareness required to design and build in-building network with utmost performance, as well as high profits concentrating on the practical issues behind a tripped in-building project


Target Audience

IBS or DAS design engineers/managers

Small cells engineers/managers

Radio planning engineers

Project managers

Service delivery managers


Course Outline



  • RF propagation
  • Antenna theory
  • Network Architecture & topology
  • Intermodulation & BER
  • In-building RF environment



  • Define KPIs
  • Capacity dimensioning
  • Modeling issues
  • Understand and Select components
  • Best practices
  • Not ready for future
  • ROI analysis



  • Venue limitations
  • Construction requirements
  • Connectivity
  • Power consideration
  • Configuration & Integration
  • Typical issue (Swapped ports, wrong locations, faulty parts, plug & play strategy,…etc)



  • Baseline
  • CW and model tuning
  • Acceptance
  • VSWR and Loss
  • PIM and UL Noise
  • Integration and POI commissioning


Project management & delivery

  • Different stages
  • Survey
  • Improper planning impacts
  • Hidden aspects
  • Measurements
  • Typical required tools


Coordination and Documentation 

  • Processes
  • Communication channel between different parties
  • Asset tracking
  • As-built information